Stylised and equipped with LED display & USB data retrieval, the safe is ideal for protecting your valuables.

Eagle-I Pro

Wireless Home Alarm System

GoldiLocks – Godrej Safe Lockers

Your Personal Locker for everyday valuables.

M Laptop – Godrej Safe Lockers

I will protect your laptop.

Citadel Godrej Safe Locker

A perfect combination of strength and class, Citadel is a burglar resistant safe that is aesthetically pleasing too.

Centiguard Godrej Safe

Centiguard mechanical safes are designed to withstand the most intense fires and keep your documents well protected. Ideal for safeguarding paper documents from fire.

Element – Godrej safe

Element is a Contemporary fire resistant safe, designed to withstand the most intense fires. It helps you keep your important documents and other paper valuables protected from fire.

WiFi Video Door Phone – Godrej SEE THRU PRO

The Godrej Seethru Pro Video door phone is designed to add great level of convenience to your daily living. With Built-in Wifi connectivity, you can now view your visitors and speak to them from your smartphone / tablet not just at home but also from anywhere in the world. With an added camera*(optional) outside your door, you can view a better area before letting anyone in your homes.

Esquire-Godrej Electronic Safe Locker

The safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries. However, a mechanical override option is also available in case the password is forgotten.